1. Find a viewing

You're moving to another city soon, and you've already seen some interesting ads about accommodations (apartments, houses, residences, etc.) on the internet. However, you haven't arrived in the town yet, and you don't want to book a flat without seeing it first.

It would certainly cost you too much time and money to go there yourself for a few days, only to view flats. Therefore, you use FlatShaker to look for a viewing offer in the city you're moving to: find a viewing offer.

This offer was published by a 'Shaker': someone who already lives in the city you'll move to, who has free time, and who can view flats for you! You can check out his public profile, which includes the ratings he has received from other members of the FlatShaker community.

Please note that if there aren't any offers available in the city you're moving to, you can request a viewing, and specify the price you're willing to pay. When a 'Shaker' registers in that location, he'll see your request and will be interested: request a viewing.

2. Book it

Once you've chosen a viewing offer and found an agreement with the 'Shaker' (price and date of the viewing, specific information he has to gather for you, etc.), you can book it and pay online.

After you've booked, the 'Shaker' will view the accommodation, take pictures and videos, and ask for all the information you requested. He has absolutely no interest whatsoever in hidding information to you since he will get paid, whether you book the accommodation or not. Therefore, he will always remain absolutely objective!

If ever he was to cancel the viewing, you would then get refunded according to our cancellation policy.

3. Receive the information

Once the viewing is done, he uploads all the information and all the documents (photos, videos, etc.), and sends you a link so you can download all the material.

Finally, after you confirm you have received all the documents, he will then be able to request his funds, and you can leave a rating about the quality of his viewing to help future members of the FlatShaker community!

Later, when you finally move in, you can become a 'Shaker' and help future 'Movers' who want to come to your new city!

If any problem occurs during the process, our Team will always be here to help :)