General questions
FlatShaker is the first marketplace that connects people moving to a new city (‘Movers’), with locals who can view properties for them before their arrival (‘Shakers’).

Movers choose a Shaker, based on his price and past reviews. Then, he views the properties they're interested in, and send them actualized, personalized and reliable information (photos, videos, etc.). As a result, they can anticipate their flat search from home, while avoiding scams, bad surprises and late-search stress on arrival.

Useful service for students, expats, vacationers, or anyone who doesn't have time to view a property, it's as if one of your friends was checking your next flat for you!
Movers are the customers. For a reason of their own (distance, lack of time, etc.), they cannot view properties they're interested in. As a result, they use FlatShaker to find Shakers, who can view properties for them.
Shakers are the providers. They have some free time and want to use it to make extra money. As a result, they register on FlatShaker and offer their services to view properties for the Movers who need them.
If the Mover has already made an appointement, he should indicate it in the viewing details (with the address), so the Shaker can tell if he is available. Otherwise, the Mover indicates the contact details of the owner / agency to the Shaker so he can make the appointment. Since the Shaker is already on site, he knows the city, has a local phone and probably speaks the local language, as a result it makes more sense if he is the on scheduling the appointement.
FlatShaker is not a website that displays classified ads. There are already dozens of websites that list ads for properties, so it wouldn't be useful to add one more to the list. However, we focus on offering the best service for real remote viewing of properties. What we suggest is first, on traditionnal classified websites, you find properties in which you're interested in, and then, on FlatShaker, you find a Shaker who can view them for you.
Right now we offer only payment by Paypal, which is a well-known and 100% secure payment provider. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can create one for free on their website.
You have to pay before the date and time of the viewing. The Shaker will not do the property viewing if he has not received the payment confirmation from us.
We encourage our Shakers to be the most reactive possible, however we know sometimes they miss the email notifications we send them when a Mover tries to get in touch. In this case, please contact us and we'll do our best to find a Shaker available for you.
You need a Paypal account in order to receive your money. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can create one for free on their website.
After the Mover has confirmed that he received all the information (photos, videos, etc.) about the viewing, you will be able to transfer your available money to your Paypal account. If the Mover forgets to confirm, the money will be available after seven days.
1. IMPORTANT: just before leaving to go to the property, call the owner (or agency) to confirm that it still takes place. FlatShaker cannot be held responsible if you go there pointlessly, and you will not receive any compensation.

2. Don't forget to charge up you smartphone / photo camera / video camera / etc., and double-check that you have enough memory space available to take pictures and videos (especially for the videos, which use a lot of memory).
You have to take pictures and at least a video of all the rooms of the property, retrieve the answers to the Mover's questions, and why not some photos and videos of the common parts (if it's a building: entrance, stairs, lift, etc.) and the neighbourhood. Don't hesitate to add anything that you think could be useful for the Mover, good ideas are always welcome!