FlatShaker is a social network which connects people who want to view accommodations in a given city, but cannot do it themselves because they have not arrived yet, with people who already live in the city and can do the viewing for them.

Visitors (‘Movers’), who are moving to a new city and have seen some interesting ads about accommodations on the internet, contact visitants (‘Shakers’) who already live in this city so they can do the viewing for them, and then send them photos, videos, and all the information they requested, in exchange for a fair compensation.

The information ‘Movers’ will receive from ‘Shakers’ is more up-to-date, accurate, objective and personalized, than if they use any traditional professional services. Furthermore, the process is less costly and time-consuming than going to the city themselves months before they want to move-in, and less stressful than waiting until their arrival and looking for an accommodation at the last moment.

Visitants (‘Shakers’), who have some free time and want to help people moving to their city, can publish viewing offers, specifying the city they live in and the amount they want to receive to do a viewing.

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