Real remote property viewings

by a trusted person

already on site

Avoid scams. Get reliable, up-to-date and personalized information about the properties of your choice, wherever they are

Long distance or lack of time prevents you from viewing interesting properties?

Let's find a trustworthy local person who can do the viewings for you

Find a viewing

Choose the local person, based on price and reviews

Book online

Set the viewing details with him, and book online

Receive the report

Get pictures, videos and a detailled report. As if you were viewing it yourself!

Give a review

Everybody likes the stars these days ;)

On the contrary, you have free time and want to use it to earn extra money?

Do the property viewings for the people who need them in your city

Offer a viewing

Offer a viewing in your current city. You set the price!

Check the flat

Schedule an appointment and go view the property

Send the report

Send pictures, videos and a detailled report to the ‘Mover’

Get your money

Job is done? Transfer your money to your account!

How it works

What are the benefits of using FlatShaker?


The person you choose to view properties for you is completely independent from any landlord or agency. As a result, she will remain neutral and objective.


The pictures and videos you will receive were not made months or years ago, like on many other websites. They will be taken only after you've booked your viewing, guaranteeing you the most up-to-date content.


Don't hesitate to ask any question to the person who is going to view the property for you. As long as the answers are available, she will get them!

Less expensive

...than going on site yourself to view properties. Save the trip, the nights of accommodation, and the hassle of arriving in a yet-unknown city.

Less time consuming

Save the precious hours you would have lost if you had gone on site yourself. It's better to do the viewings quietly from home, isn't it?

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